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Portacool Portable Evaporative Coolers

Portacool™ portable evaporative coolers entered the marketplace in 1990 offering the first version of an evaporative cooler designed to provide economical, effective cooling where ever it was needed. Thirty years later, the company’s consistent growth rate and continued expansion in product lines has positioned it as a global leader in the portable evaporative cooling business with distributors in 50 U.S. states and 56 countries. Portacool, LLC selected Center, Texas, for its location in the beginning and has never considered moving. Nestled in the beautiful piney woods of East Texas — 150 miles southeast of Dallas, 120 miles northeast of Houston and 17 miles west of the Louisiana border — this small town still maintains the look, feel and hospitality of the original community. However, the town has enjoyed modernization due in large part to the manufacturing and technological advances of companies like Portacool choosing Center as their location. Portacool portable evaporative coolers have proven highly effective in unlimited uses ranging from agricultural and horticultural applications, manufacturing, industrial, business, entertainment, sports, home, and hobby — anywhere cooling is needed and traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost prohibitive. With a strong network of distributors, Portacool, LLC continues to expand its worldwide market horizons and produce outstanding sales revenues, all from the beautiful setting of Center, Texas.
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As the company has grown global expansion has been necessary to best serve customers. While all Portacool evaporative coolers are proudly made in the USA at our Texas manufacturing facility, inventory is stored in off-site warehouses in Wilmer, Texas, and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Local, live Customer Service is based in the United States and The Netherlands. The Customer Service teams help all of our global customers from the two locations.
Kuul evaporative media is made with 100% USA sourced materials. Most products are made in the USA, but a Malaysian manufacturing facility serves the South East Asian markets with the same high-quality evaporative media which the brand has become associated.


Portacool, LLC is steadfast in upholding our value through five brand pillars: Safety & Liability, Total Cost of Ownership, Productivity & Performance, Sustainability & Social Responsibility, and Life & Comfort Enhancing Solutions. These brand pillars are what we strive for daily in our production, delivery, customer service, and every aspect of our business. We are committed to protecting our team members through safety measures, sustaining our environment by promoting a safe & natural product, and maintaining the highest quality of work throughout the company.