An Oink, A Moo, A Barn Fan Will Not Do

Watching your crops come to fruition and your livestock produce makes the long hours and body aches worth it. Your farming operation is built on generations of success, just like ours. Made in America, Portacool has been keeping livestock, ranchers, and farmers comfortable and refreshed during their labor for 30+ years.

Portacool evaporative coolers can recapture lost efficiency in animal production of meats, eggs, dairy, and natural fibers. With the ability to cool grow houses, workshops, barns, and stables up to 30ºF, you will keep workers safer and your business more profitable. With an operating cost of approximately $1/day and minimal maintenance requirements, you can keep your barn and livestock cool and comfortable. 

Don't keep suffering losses in livestock and labor due to high heat, check out our Cyclone Series. Use the calculator below to find which Portacool is right for your space and where you can find them near you.

How Your Farm Can Benefit from an Evaporative Cooler

Higher Worker Productivity
Better Worker Satisfaction
Healthier Livestock
Fewer Worker Mistakes & Injuries
Increase Overall Profits

What Size Portacoool is Right for Me?

  • Overall room / area size

  • People to cool?

  • Access to constant water supply?

  • Exterior Openings (doors & windows)

  • Electrical Options

Our Portacool evaporative coolers are backed by best in class warranties and live, US based customer care team. Our team is here to keep YOUR farm cool!


Barn Fans Just Don’t Cut It

Barn fans and chicken coop fans are better than nothing. They provide air circulation and can remove hot air from inside while bringing (hopefully) cooler air in from outside.

But when the summer heat spikes, the air outside might not be any cooler, and just moving hot air around does little to help with cooling, especially for animals who have little or no ability to sweat.

A Portacool portable evaporative cooler doesn’t just move hot air around, it cools down the air, making the environment cooler. Evaporative coolers work by pulling hot air over a cooling media, similar to a sponge. As the air encounters water soaked into the media, that water evaporates, removing heat from the air. The fan then pushes the cool air out, where it can dramatically reduce the temperature of a large area. This works in an open area, though even a small amount of enclosure can dramatically increase the effectiveness of cooling.

Evaporative coolers are very cost-efficient. They don’t require much more energy than a barn fan but provide MUCH more cooling.

How Heat Stress Impacts Your Livestock

Meanwhile, it’s not just workers on your farm that are impacted by the heat. Hot days can have a negative impact on your livestock.

Recent research shows that high heat levels impact both dairy and beef cows. In both cases, heat can make the animals less able to utilize food resources, which for beef cattle can reduce weight gain and for dairy cows can reduce milk production.  In addition, heat can impact your calving operations, since it reduces the fertility of both cows and bulls. Plus, calves tend to have a lower birth weight after gestating in hot temperatures.

Horses can also suffer as a result of the heat. Just like humans, you can’t expect a horse to work as hard in high heat. You have to give them more breaks. Horses are also subject to heat stroke, just like humans. It’s important to monitor the health of your horses during hot weather.

In addition, new research shows that high heat levels impact the quality of your poultry products. When stressed by heat, chickens have lower weight gain and produce fewer eggs. The eggs they do produce are smaller, have thinner shells, and are poorer quality. They also have a lower chance of hatching.

The portability of our evaporative coolers is ideal for small chicken coops, barn stalls, wash racks, horse stocks and alley ways.

Why Portacool?

Portacool is the smart choice for your farm.

Since 1990, we have earned a reputation as the leader in the evaporative cooling industry. Our standards for quality and customer care have expanded demand, and we now have distributors in all 50 states and in 56 countries around the world.  Made in Center, Texas, Portacool includes the only cooling media made in the USA. Read more about the Kuul evaporative media.

For large-scale operations and custom applications, please contact us today to learn more about options.

How Your Workers’ Heat Stress Affects Your Profitability

Agricultural work is not for the weak-willed, lazy, or easily offended. That’s got to be why fewer than 1% of Americans can tough it out. Heat-related illness is a real threat to productivity, and small windows for planting will not wait for you to recover from injury or exhaustion. 

A rising body temperature immediately starts to reduce a worker’s effectiveness. At around 100°F, workers are only about 70% as productive as they are at 80°F, and they make about 12X as many mistakes when temps climb to 95°F and beyond. Hot working conditions can significantly impact the health and comfort of your employees and livestock, as well as your profitability.

Heat safety is something that everyone needs to be more aware of. Workers can start losing strength as the body redirects blood flow away from muscles and the brain. In extreme conditions, they can lose strength permanently as the body digests muscle to try to cope with heat stress. People can get heat cramps, exhaustion, heatstroke, or heart attack, which can mean you lose a worker for the day, week, or in extreme cases, forever.

This increases your labor costs. Since labor is one of your biggest expenses, all these losses can significantly decrease your profitability.

Keeping American Farmers Cool

Our evaporative coolers are manufacturing in Center, Texas. Our customer service is also based in the USA. You won’t be transferred to international call centers. Our customer care team is here to help you with any technical support or questions you may have.