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Are Evaporative Coolers or Misting Systems Better for My Patio?

As the summer heat increases, you might be used to retreating inside. This is a shame because your patio looks so inviting, and it would be a wonderful place to hang out, either by yourself or when entertaining company, if the heat wasn’t so oppressive.

What you need is a good cooling solution for your patio. But what is a better choice for your patio: an evaporative cooler or a misting system? It depends in part on what you’re looking for, but in general, a patio evaporative cooler is a better choice. It will keep you cooler and drier than a misting system.

When a Misting System Might Be a Good Choice

kids using a patio misting systemA misting system is a very primitive strategy for cooling off your patio. It mists water into the air, which lands on you. Then the water evaporates, cooling you off. It’s like having a supplemental sweat system – one that gives you more sweat than your body can produce. It’s effective, but only in a limited way. Basically, you can only get cool if you’re getting wet, and the droplets from a misting system only travel a short distance.

A misting system can be a good choice if you’re already having a water-themed party, such as a pool party or a splash party. They can work well for kids’ parties because children don’t care as much if they get wet, and they don’t mind going over to the misting area to cool off, then running back to their play. A misting system can also be a good choice if you’re concerned about the condition of plants that might get dried out and wilted in the heat of the day. Then they can perform double duty as a watering tool as well.

But a misting system doesn’t work well for an adult party, especially one where food and drinks are served. Adults often like to hang out in one place. They tend to park themselves where it’s comfortable. But a misting station makes people wet, and the water can get on food and in drinks. This just makes for an unpleasant experience and a lousy tradeoff for keeping cool.

A Patio Evaporative Cooler Is Usually Better

Portacool evaporative cooler being used to cool an outdoor residential patioOn the other hand, a patio evaporative cooler provides an effective solution for cooling off your patio during the summer heat. A patio evaporative cooler doesn’t spray water on you: it evaporates the water into the air to make it cool. Instead of water, you’ll have cool air washing over you. Unlike with a mister, your body, clothes, food, and drink won’t get wet. You’ll stay dry, especially since you won’t need to sweat as much.

A patio evaporative cooler also has the advantage of cooling a larger area. Cool air can travel further than water droplets, and it means that people can still feel the cooling effect dozens, even hundreds of feet away, depending on the model and the setting. This means that you won’t have everybody crowding around the cooler – there’s enough room for people to hang out comfortably nearby.

Looking for a Quality Patio Evaporative Cooler

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