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Pump Up Your Portacool

  6/15/2019 Ever wonder what that extra switch is next to the power button on your Portacool portable evaporative cooler? Sure, it says “Pump,” but what does that pump actually do inside the cooler? The pump actually plays an important role in the evaporative cooling process that takes place within Portacool portable evaporative coolers. Without…

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Cooling on Auto Drive

  6/1/2019 Finding a cooling solution for hot, open-door garages can be an ongoing challenge for auto enthusiasts, hobbyists, and business owners. Air conditioning for these areas can be impractical and cost-prohibitive and you can’t stop hot-rodding just because of hot weather! This is where evaporative cooling systems can come to the rescue. The automotive…

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Summer Kicks-off Tomorrow – Be Heat Safety Aware

  6/20/2019 Yep, tomorrow is the official start of summer with the beginning of the summer solstice. That also means that it is the day with the most hours of sunlight during the whole year. What will you do this weekend to take in all that sunshine? Besides sunny skies, when we think about the…

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A Cool Father’s Day Gift

  6/14/2019 Dads – they tinker, they build and they grill, and often in hot spaces during the summer. The comfort of an air conditioner on a scorcher of a day in the mancave – otherwise known as the garage or patio – would be enticing. However, since air conditioning is impractical in the garage and outdoors, this…

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The Cost of Heat Stress and Heat Related Injuries

  7/1/2019 We all know heat intense environments are uncomfortable, but in a working environment it can be costly to a company’s bottom-line. For many businesses, heat-stress and heat-related illnesses — such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke — are a very real challenge in the summer months. Heat is a condition that affects thousands…

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Kicking-Off National Safety Month

  5/15/2019 Did you know that June is National Safety Month? We scratched the surface of what National Safety Month means to us in our previous blog, but we want to dive a little deeper into the impact of safety at our own facilities. Observed annually, National Safety Month focuses on reducing the leading causes…

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Week 1 of NSM – Hazard Recognition

  6/3/2019 Hazards are everywhere, but sometimes it’s difficult to spot them. Oftentimes the more accustomed you are to your environment, the more blind you can become to the dangers that surround you. So how can you train yourself to spot hazards? Below are a few tips from the National Safety Council. Spotting hazards is all…

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Week 2 of NSM – Slips, Trips and Falls

  6/10/2019 While seemingly harmless, slips, trips and falls are some of the most common hazards that we face in the workplace, and they can have some serious consequences. Most fall hazards overlooked because they aren’t taken seriously or workers aren’t sure what to say. We’ve all been in a situation where our coworkers are…

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Week 3 of NSM – Focus on Fatigue

  6/17/2019 In today’s world, there are a lot of distractions that keep us from getting rest. Busy schedules fill every minute of the day and cut into our sleep time. Technology, in the form of TV or cellphones, keeps our brains wired and alert when it’s time to settle down. When our lives get…

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Week 4 of NSM – Impairment on the Job

  6/24/2019 In every industry, employees need to be healthy and focused to stay safe at work. Impairment is a major roadblock to workplace safety and the effects are more common than you think. The National Safety Council outlines several impairment risks and how to manage them to make sure you are able to work safely. Lack…

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