Evaporative Cooling

Heat-Related Illness in Work Environments

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), thousands of people develop an illness or injury every year from heat exposure in their work environment. In some extreme cases, these injuries can be fatal. In fact, the National Weather Service found that heat produces more fatalities each year than any other weather event. Due…

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Cooling on a Global Scale

Global temperatures have been rising steadily for a long time, but the rate of increase over the past few decades has been particularly high. In fact, the World Meteorological Organization listed the year 2020 as the second warmest on record, rivalling 2016 for the top spot. According to the European Environment Agency, the global mean…

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Comparing Your Cooling Solutions

In the summer heat, it can be uncomfortable to do anything. You can’t work, can’t enjoy hobbies, and maybe can’t even sleep. So, what can you do about the heat? You really have three options for cooling the air: Air conditioning Misters Evaporative coolers When you compare these options closely, it will become clear that…

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How Does Heat Stress Impact Worker Productivity?

Your business requires high levels of performance from your employees. It’s crucial that workers are able to do their jobs quickly and accurately. Unfortunately, excessive temperatures can derail worker productivity, having a devastating impact on the reputation and profitability of your business. For this reason, a cool working environment should be considered an essential tool…

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