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The Kuul Effect Difference

At Portacool, LLC we have been producing our own rigid evaporative media since 1998. Now, as the leader in evaporative cooling technologies, we have the most advanced evaporative media available on the market. So, what sets Portacool and Kuul evaporative media apart from competitors? We like to say it’s a little something called “The Kuul…

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A Kuul History Lesson

Today Kuul evaporative media offers three lines of rigid evaporative media designed for specific applications. Kuul Vitality is utilized primarily in the horticulture, poultry and swine industries. Kuul Control is used in data centers, power gen and HVAC systems. Kuul Comfort is exclusively made for usage in Portacool-branded portable evaporative coolers. But do you know…

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Why Today’s Evaporative Coolers are NOT Yester Year’s Swamp Coolers

An evaporative cooler’s operation hinges squarely on the effectiveness of its rigid evaporative media. Evaporative media is the visible surface in evaporative coolers or evaporative cooling walls (such as those used for poultry applications) where you see water flow taking place. More importantly, it is where the “magic,” or science, occurs to generate cooling from…

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An Inside Look at Kuul Vitality Evaporative Media

  Kuul evaporative media, a part of the Portacool family, has been produced in Center, Texas, for more than 25 years. Our company has prided itself on providing the highest quality products for a superior performance to our customers. The Kuul Vitality series of evaporative media has been specially designed for the agricultural industry, specifically…

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Getting the most out of your Kuul Evaporative Media

Guest author, Jessica Decker’s note: As we continue to expand our customer service experience, we will offer tips on this blog for our Kuul fixed system customers. These lines – Vitality and Control – of Kuul evaporative media are primarily used in agriculture, HVAC, data center and power generation applications. We understand product longevity is…

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