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Common Applications for Outdoor Swamp Coolers

Outdoor swamp coolers are a great solution for any situation where you want to combat high heat but can’t trap cooled air. As a result, outdoor swamp coolers have become very popular in many applications.

Outdoor Workers

One of the biggest uses for outdoor swamp coolers is helping outdoor workers keep cool. This includes construction workers and road workers. When the temperatures rise, there are only three options. Workers either cool down, slow down, or their bodies will shut down.

Outdoor swamp coolers help workers keep functional during times of high heat. This means they don’t have to take as many breaks and can keep working at high levels of productivity without developing symptoms of heat-related illness like heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Oil and Gas Workers

Some of the hardest-working outdoor jobs are in the oil and gas extraction and refining industry. Many major oil fields are in hot areas of the country or the world. Meanwhile, workers have to wear protective clothing to reduce the risk of injury from fires, and they may be coated with an oily residue that makes their sweat ineffective for cooling. The result is an increased risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke at oil fields so high that many lawyers have made a cottage industry of taking lawsuits over this type of injury.

Fortunately, outdoor swamp coolers designed to reduce fire risk can help. More and more employers are using swamp coolers to protect their workers from heat-related illness.

Sports and Athletics

overheating football player in need of an outdoor evaporative coolerAthletes know that success in their highly competitive fields depends on working hard and never quitting. Unfortunately, this means that they may put themselves at risk from heat-related illness. They practice hard and compete harder despite conditions that are dangerous.

Coaches and athletics directors know that sometimes they have to look out for athletes who may push themselves too hard. As a result, evaporative coolers for athletics may soon be as common as electrolyte-restoring sports drinks on the sidelines of big games.

Livestock and Pets

Barn fans are a standard solution to help animals tolerate high heat conditions in the summer. There’s just one problem: they don’t work to help animals cool off. Barn fans help with air circulation, but they don’t create enough airflow to effectively cool animals. In fact, barn fans actually increase the temperature in barns on hot days.

Research shows the critical need for cooling to help animals avoid heat-related problems. Agricultural evaporative coolers can reduce the temperature inside barns, while barn fans can distribute that cool air to animals’ stalls, helping animals stay comfortable.

It’s not just livestock like horses and cattle who benefit from outdoor evaporative coolers. Many people see that their dogs have difficulty dealing with heat. In part, this is because dogs love to play and can be over-enthusiastic. This puts them at risk. When dogs aren’t smart enough to control their activity levels, their humans have to look out for them. An outdoor evaporative cooler for pets is a great way to do this.

Special Outdoor Events

High heat can make outdoor events unpleasant for patrons and workers alike. This reduces the fun of events that are supposed to bring people out to enjoy in-person experiences and build community. When temperatures climb, attendance at events can drop.

Outdoor evaporative coolers at events help people keep cool and enjoy their events.


Outdoor restaurants seem like an excellent way to enjoy a meal. Open air helps keep noise levels down and lets people enjoy the beautiful setting of a restaurant. Hotels, too, take advantage of historically mild climates with open lobbies and breezeways.

Unfortunately, some days the heat can climb, making these restaurants and hotels unbearably hot. When your business is based on delivering a pleasant experience, you have to do something to make sure people are enjoying themselves. A hospitality swamp cooler is a great approach for this. It lets you cool off your outdoor dining area, lobby or breezeway. And with low energy costs, this cooling solution supports the profitability of your hospitality business.


There’s nothing quite so relaxing as a slow day on the patio. Some good friends or close family. Music or television in the background. A nice meal and tasty drinks. But for most of the summer, your patio might just be too hot.

A patio evaporative cooler can make it much more pleasant to spend a day out on the patio. No matter how hot it gets, you can stay comfortably cool.


RVing is a special lifestyle. Almost as important as the beautiful sights you see while touring this amazing country of ours are all the people you meet. But it can be hard to hang out with people when RVing. Your RV isn’t big enough to have all your friends over inside, and it can be too hot outside to enjoy the gathering.

An RV evaporative cooler can help it stay just as comfortable and cool outside as it is inside. This will bring all your friends around to spend the time talking and laughing from afternoon till night.

What Will You Do with an Outdoor Swamp Cooler?

There are many great ways to use an evaporative cooler, either for professional or personal use. Whether you want one for a reason listed above or something else entirely, Portacool has one that will suit your needs. Please contact an online or local retailer today.