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Common Heat Stress Concerns at Oil Rigs

Heat stress can be a significant threat to the productivity and profitability of an oil rig. When workers are stressed, they can become less productive and are more likely to make dangerous mistakes. These mistakes can lead to injury, damaged equipment, or product loss. This can slow down your project or even halt it temporarily. After the fact, you might be responsible for expensive worker’s compensation damages or even a lawsuit.

When you consider heat stress causes, you can see that Portacool evaporative coolers can be an essential part of the solution. We have models that are safety compliant for hazardous locations such as oil rigs. Plus, our evaporative coolers are made in the USA.

High Heat and Humidity

Oil rigs must go where the oil is, including some of the hottest locations on Earth. And since the oil demand is constant, the supply has to be as well, with no breaks to avoid the hottest days.

This means that oil rig workers are often exposed to heat and humidity levels that contribute to heat stress.

Direct Sun

Working on or around the oil rig often means working out in the sun. Direct sunlight can increase a person’s temperature exposure by 10 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Lack of Ventilation

People working around the rig often work in areas with poor ventilation, such as working inside tanks, in ditches, or even just in an area with natural features that prevent air circulation, like trees.

Protective Clothing

Work on or around an oil rig requires the use of protective clothing. This makes it hard for people to lose heat, especially when temperatures climb and only sweat remains an effective way to cool down.

A Hard-Working Culture

oil rig worker at risk of heat stress on a hot dayAnother challenge in dealing with heat stress is the culture of oil rig workers themselves. These workers are often more dedicated to getting the job done than worrying about their own safety. When they start to experience the symptoms of heat stress, they might choose to lean into the work rather than take a necessary break.

Portacool Hazardous Locations Evaporative Coolers Can Help

If you are looking to overcome the challenges of heat stress at your oil and gas operation, Portacool portable evaporative coolers can be part of a comprehensive solution.

Our hazardous location coolers are ETL certified for use in Class I Division 2, Groups C & D locations. With sealed electrical components, they meet standards to avoid sparking risks. They can also be set up easily at a new job site and taken with you to the next job.

The coolers drive up to 22,500 cubic feet of cooled air per minute. This helps with ventilation and cooling at your oil rig, making them an essential part of a comprehensive approach to reduce heat stress.

In addition, providing workers with proper shade and choosing appropriate protective clothing can dramatically reduce the heat stress for your workers.

Combine this with an appropriate education program. Teach workers to identify the symptoms of heat-related illness in themselves and others. Teach them that it’s better to take an extra break or two to avoid passing out or making a critical error.

To learn how Portacool portable evaporative coolers can help improve working conditions at your oil rig, please visit a local retailer or contact us today.