Does your evaporative media need to be changed?


Kuul evaporative media is designed and manufactured to be the longest-lasting evaporative media on the market. Only the highest-quality materials are used to ensure product quality and longevity. If consistently and properly maintained, Kuul evaporative media can provide a large return on investment by negating yearly or bi-yearly replacement and installation costs.

As you are likely aware, the evaporative media in your evaporative cooling system is the most important aspect of the cooling process. Portacool Kuul Evaporative MediaWhen the media becomes old, damaged, or heavily soiled it will need to be replaced to ensure the performance of your system. While Kuul evaporative media is designed to be self-cleaning, when wet, the media can become caked in dust, calcium salts, and other organic materials. Extreme water pH levels can cause irreparable damage to the media and mechanical damage can inhibit adequate airflow.

Knowing when to replace your evaporative media is important, but due to varying environmental aspects, there is no single simple answer on how often this task needs to be completed. To aid in determining if your evaporative media needs to be replaced, we have developed a list of conditions that require replacement.

Sagging or softened media
Evaporative media that has been damaged by extreme pH levels or harsh chemicals in the water will soften and often sag in the system frame, resulting in large gaps where warm air can impinge into the system. These gaps result in a dramatic loss of cooling efficiency.

Increased static pressure
When a serious buildup of dust, particulates, and organic materials occurs on and within the media, an increase of static pressure will be noted. While the air may still be flowing through the media, this static pressure increase puts a strain on other system components – such as fans, belts, and pulleys – and increases electrical consumption significantly.

Damaged media
If you notice holes, tattering or mechanical damage in and on your media, it will need to be replaced. These damaged areas could allow warm air into the system, reducing cooling efficiency.

Loss of cooling
Many factors can cause a reduction in total cooling performance as noted above. If a noticeable drop in total cooling is observed, it is possible that the evaporative media will need to be replaced.

Reduction in wind speed
As with the loss of total cooling performance, a reduction in media face velocity and system airspeed is a possible sign evaporative media needs to be replaced. The system’s integrity needs to be checked for leaks and fan performance prior to changing the evaporative media.

If you have questions about replacing your evaporative media, please contact one of our Kuul Specialists for more information.