industrial worker battling heat stress in a hot factory

How Does Heat Stress Impact Worker Productivity?

Your business requires high levels of performance from your employees. It’s crucial that workers are able to do their jobs quickly and accurately. Unfortunately, excessive temperatures can derail worker productivity, having a devastating impact on the reputation and profitability of your business. For this reason, a cool working environment should be considered an essential tool to maximize the performance of your employees.

We encourage you to use our Productivity Loss Calculator to better understand the dollars and productivity hours you’re losing due to hot temperatures.

80°F Is the Tipping Point for Worker Productivity

A research team from the University of Chicago studied the productivity levels of workers on manufacturing teams in India. They found that 80°F was the tipping point for worker productivity. Production dropped by 3% on average for every 1.8 degrees the room temperature rose above 80°. In addition, researchers found that by cooling the work environment, productivity was restored to optimal levels.

A NASA study involving telegraph key operators also exhibited similar results regarding worker performance once temperatures rose above 80°F. In this study, the number of errors made by employees rose dramatically as the room temperature increased.

table showing the number of heat-related errors occurring as the temperature rises

Impact of Dehydration on Productivity

A primary cause of this decrease in employee performance is associated with dehydration. A 2% decrease in body weight from perspiration can trigger a state of heat exhaustion. A study by Wasterlund and Chaseling published in the Journal of Applied Ergonomics found that the decrease in productivity is significant even when there is only a 1% drop in body weight. Their research detailed a 12% loss of productivity once workers experienced a 1% loss in body weight from dehydration.

Another study published by the Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health evaluated the effects of dehydration on mental performance and decision making. The researchers found that a 2% loss in body weight from dehydration resulted in significant impairment of:

In addition, this study found that workers exhibited a 23% reduction in reaction time when they experienced a 4% body fluid loss.

Hot Work Environments Increase Employee Absenteeism

Hot work environments also impact employee performance in a more subtle way. They often keep employees from showing up to work, which can have a devastating impact on productivity. The University of Chicago study found that a 1-degree increase in the ten-day temperature average resulted in a 5% increase in employee absenteeism. Over time, prolonged instances of extreme heat in the work environment can significantly contribute to reduced man-hours, which will cause productivity to plummet.

Benefits of Maintaining a Cool, Comfortable Work Environment

man feeling comfortable in a factory that uses evaporative coolersThe productivity benefits that come from maintaining a cool, comfortable work environment are apparent. There is considerable data demonstrating that a cool work environment will have a significant impact on the performance of your workers. Due to the ability to prevent injury, reduce errors, and boost productivity, it’s crucial that you take the steps necessary to maintain the proper ambient temperature at your facility.

In addition, your employees will experience several other important benefits, including:

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