Keep Kuul Podcast

Portacool Portable Evaporative Coolers

This is Keep Kuul from the experts at Portacool. With cooling solutions made right here in the USA, Portacool is ready to meet your cooling needs head-on, no matter the setting.

How Does Safety Increase Productivity?

KEY POINTS: The link between employee safety and productivity. Implementing safety methods in the workplace. The importance of safety and prioritizing it among staff.

AHR Expo’s Promising Outlook for the HVAC Industry

KEY POINTS: How cost-effective measures can be implemented to benefit both a company and their staff. - How does Kuul serve the Industrial HVAC market, other than the media in the Portacool evaporative cooler. - Individual perspectives on the current and forthcoming HVAC trends.

The Rising Growth of Portable Evaporative Coolers

KEY POINTS: A growing work-from-home market needs evaporative coolers for comfort. - The cost-effectiveness of portable evaporative cooling units. - Increasing needs for cooling solutions in the industrial market. - Working through supply chain challenges to meet the demand.

A History Made by Its People

KEY POINTS: Making better products for the future is always the goal. - Encouraging new workers and making them part of the family is the Portacool way. - A building is just a building without the people.

Internationally Dealing Cooling Portacool Products in Europe

KEY POINTS: Nuno Couceiro is Ameno's CEO and a dealer of Portacool products in Europe. - His company merged to become the biggest international dealer of Portacool products in Europe. - Ameno has built a strong relationship with Portacool due to top-notch product and services.

The Importance of Climate Control for Poultry Farmers in Texas

KEY POINTS: Poultry can't sweat, and temperature control is essential to a thriving flock. - Temperature control, quality feed, water, and ventilation are vital for healthy poultry. - Kuul Media offers a cost-effective solution for keeping livestock cool.

Keeping Cool in the Military and Civilian Occupations

KEY POINTS: A soldier can't afford to go down with heat during a mission. - Losing a worker due to heat puts stress on the rest of the operation. - Employers should be proactive in keeping their workers cool & comfortable.

Chilling in the Middle East & North Africa

KEY POINTS: Summers in the Middle East can reach temperatures of 120 degree. - Hot work conditions lead to unsafe environments and lower worker productivity. - Outdoor sporting events rely on portable solutions to keep people cool.

Heat Stress Comes Full Circle

KEY POINTS: Heat is the number one cause of heat-related death in the US. - Heat Stress while operating machinery can create a harmful situation. - Cooling solutions help prevent excessive worker breaks due to heat exposure.

Mexico, A Unique Market

KEY POINTS - Mexican manufacturers and tourism businesses can benefit from evaporative cooling. - Evaporative coolers are energy-efficient, reducing costs. - Portacool offers many solutions to fit specific user needs.

How Evaporative Cooling Affects You

KEY POINTS - Evaporative cooling occurs when a liquid evaporates, reducing temperatures. - Many industries can leverage evaporative cooling for greater efficiency. - Evaporative cooling is more cost-effective than traditional cooling units.

Evaporative Cooling Fans Help LA Manufacturer Fight the Heat

KEY POINTS - Heat illness is a threat for workers in many environments. - Addressing heat with cooling fans creates a safer workplace. - Keeping employees out of dangerous situations demonstrates care for them.

Chillin’ at Texas Motor Speedway with Portable Cooling Solutions

KEY POINTS - Brands need to maximize ROI with their sports partnerships. - Fan-engagement zones provide opportunities for lead generation for sponsors. - Texas Motor Speedway can host a wide range of events beyond motorsports.

Powerful Cooling Solutions to Keep Your Employees Comfortable

KEY POINTS - Heat is a year round consideration inside buildings and facilities. - Keeping employees cool isn't just about comfort; it's about well-being and safety. - Fans that move hot air around the inside of a building do not lower the temperature.

How to Stay Safe With Portable Cooling Rooms

KEY POINTS - Keeping cool is vital to worker health and safety, particularly outdoors. - Portable cooling rooms area novel solution for outdoor workers. - Combating heat illness is essential for outdoor activity.

Navigating Customer Service, Logistics and Enterprise Resource Planning

KEY POINTS - Staying calm in the face of significant challenges helps you overcome them. - A strong team of suppliers is essential to delivering on customer needs. - ERP systems provide companies with the ability to better plan for their futures.

How Do Portable Cooling Solutions Handle the Heat?

KEY POINTS - Sunny South Florida is full of fun and sun - but that comes with some often oppressive heat. - Portable cooling solutions can provide residents and visitors alike relief. - There's an appropriate cooling solution for both wide, expansive spaces and tight, intimate ones like restaurant patios.

Adopting an Insights-Driven Approach to Innovation

KEY POINTS - Gather qualitative and quantitative data to pull out insights. - A strong "why" enables an insightful approach to innovation. - The voice of the customer should be the center of innovation.

Maintaining Production Excellence from Assembly to Delivery

KEY POINTS - WHen all employees can contribute to a product's success, quality improves. - If cost savings negatively impact product quality, it isn't worth the sacrifice. - Quality must continue through the product cycle from the assembly line to delivery.

Developing a Customer Service-Centered Culture

KEY POINTS - A sincere dedication to customer service can help set a company apart from its competitors. - There's a difference between talking and living a world-class company culture. - Upholding or changing a company's culture starts with a commitment at the leadership level.