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How Do Portable Cooling Solutions Handle the Heat?

Sunny South Florida is known for many things – nightlife, beaches, great food, and more – but it’s also known for some at-times-overwhelming heat and humidity.

It comes with the territory, but that doesn’t always mean residents and visitors alike don’t want to keep cool.

“Wherever cooling is needed, we get the call,” Seder said. “[In large spaces], we’ve been very successful in creating ‘cooling zones.’”

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Adopting an Insights-Driven Approach to Innovation

Mays has relied on putting insights at the forefront of innovation throughout his career, gathering learnings from his time at Proctor & Gamble. However, it’s not just his perspective. He noted it’s part of Portacool’s culture and DNA to listen to the market and start with a strong “why.”

“We don’t take action without purpose. Having a clear understanding of our “why” allows us to focus and stay clear on what we want to deliver. It has to bring value to end-users, customers or the company.”

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Maintaining Production Excellence from Assembly to Delivery

The team culture Portacool instills within its employees is what Sanford pointed to as the secret to a successful production process.

“We strive for quality not only in our products but also to our people,” Sanford said. “We have an environment where everybody adds to the quality of our product. Everybody’s a customer of the person up the line from them, and, therefore, you constantly get a place where our quality standards are lifted beyond what most of the industry sees.”

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Developing a Customer Service-Centered Culture

It’s easy for companies to claim a commitment to culture, but how many of them actually practice and uphold their values in their day-to-day operations? And for the organizations that do, what are some ways to help ensure those values stick?

Ben Wulf, the CEO of Portacool in east Texas, answers these questions and more in the first episode of the Keep Kuul podcast. Portacool was started in the small town of Center, Texas and, in the 30 years since its establishment, it’s kept close ties with its community and its customers.

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