Dave Archer

Dave Archer is well-known in the equestrian arena as a very talented and winning equestrian trainer. Owner of Dave Archer Show Horses in Pilot Point, Texas, he trains Quarter Horses and Appaloosas – specializing in Western Pleasure, Futurity and All-Around horses. Dave is a 16-time World and Reserve World Champion in the Appaloosas who coaches youth, amateur and select amateur competitors.

The Archer business is housed on a 12-acre ranch in a rural community north of DFW. The ranch includes three barns with 41 stalls, a 200’ x 120’ outdoor riding area, a 60-foot round pen, large pasture and five turnouts (two large; three small). Being in the heart of North Texas, Dave and his team combat the heat almost half of the year.

“The heat comes quick by May and it can stick around until late October,” says Archer. “While our barns are insulated, if it is 100°F outside, it is easily 90°+ inside and that’s hotter than we prefer for our horses. Optimally, we like it to be in the 80s to put the least amount of heat stress on the animals.”

According to equine experts, horses must expend considerable energy to keep cool as temperatures climb. Taking precautions to prevent heat stress and vigilance is pertinent to prevent issues that range from poor performance to potentially fatal heat strokes.

In 2014 when Dave first bought the ranch, he acquired an original Portacool evaporative cooler and quickly found it to be very useful in keeping the barns comfortably cool the horses. Since then he has added a Portacool Cyclone 160 to cool his main barn that houses nine horses.

“When we place the Portacool in the alley way, we can easily get a 15°F drop and keep it cool in a manageable way,” says Archer. “It’s important we keep our clients’ horses safe from the negative effects of heat and the Portacool evaporative cooler allows us to do that.”

Each year Archer works with 15-25 clients. He loves helping them accomplish their goals with their horse in and out of the show pen. From training to colt breaking, to lessons for show horses – Dave does it all and loves it. Archer is a member of the AQHA, ApHC and NSBA. You can see more about Dave Archer Show Horses on his Facebook page at