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Popsicles and Pets: Cooling Off in the Summer Sun

With summertime right around the corner, it’s easy to dream of those classic summer moments: a dip in the lake, popsicles melting in the sun, or walks with your dog at sunset. However, summer also brings intense heat waves and harsh sunlight that can pose a significant risk to families. We might know how to take precautions for ourselves with proper hydration and cooling off inside, but we must also consider the furrier members of our family and how the summer heat affects them.

No matter what, when it comes to our pets, we cannot forget that the heat can harm them too. With careful preparation and understanding, we can take measures to protect our pets as we move into the summer months. This includes:

There are also a few fun activities you can do to keep your pets cool and your kids busy when they’re out of school for the summer. Popsicles are a fun summer treat we enjoy when we’re out in the hot sun – but we aren’t the only ones who like a yummy, cool snack in the summer! “Petsicles,” or homemade popsicles for your pet, are a fantastic way to help your furry friends beat the heat.

Search on Pinterest for a frozen treat recipe you and your family can make for your furry family member. Make sure it’s animal-specific to prevent accidentally giving your cat or dog food they cannot have. Some recipes will use frozen pet food, while others may help you make healthy treats from scratch that resemble human snacks. Or, if you aren’t able to make a new snack for your pet, fill a bowl with ice and water for a cool drink.

When your pets are outdoors, these treats are a great way to help them periodically cool off from the inside out. To complete the cooling process and make sure your pet is cooled off from the outside, you should also consider an evaporative cooler, which you can keep on your patio for you and your pets to enjoy. Portacool portable evaporative coolers are both cost-effective and easy to use. The method of using the natural process of evaporation to create cool air means your pet can enjoy a cooler space without using too much energy.

At Portacool, we know how important your pets are to your family, and we want to make sure they stay happy and healthy in the summer heat. From yummy treats to evaporative coolers on the patio, we can work with you to keep your pets safe so you can focus on making fun summer memories together.