Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Long summer hours and bright skies make summer the ideal time to be outside…except for the heat. Athletes, officials, and fans at sporting events broil under the sun and continue to bake after it sets. Whether your outdoor sport is on a field, trail, blacktop, or track, you need a break from the heat that Portacool affordably and efficiently provides. 

This year, team up with Portacool’s portable outdoor evaporative coolers to help you stay comfortable outdoors at any time, no matter how hot it is. Set them up for your spectators, on the sideline, or at the finish line – virtually any place you want or need cooling for outdoor sports! With an operating cost of about $1/day, you can keep the nachos and hotdogs coming, the athletes excelling, and the crowd cheering. Our Jetstream Series offers a variety of options for any size team or crowd you are keeping cool this season.

Below, find the “What Portacool Does My Team Need?” calculator and where you can get a Portacool quickly near you.

Effectively Rally Your Team on the Sideline or Finish Line

Lower Temps by Up To 30° F
Enjoy Outside Sports More
Protect Against Heat Exhaustion
Reduce Risk Of Dehydration
Save Energy And Money

Which Portacool is Right for Me?

  • Overall room / area size

  • People to cool?

  • Access to constant water supply?

  • Exterior Openings (doors & windows)

  • Electrical Options

Our Portacool evaporative coolers are backed by best in class warranties and live, US based customer care team. Our team is here to keep YOUR team cool!


Keep Cool, Stay Safe

Heat exhaustion is a legitimate danger, and so is heat frustration. Keep a cool head by keeping a cool body. Tempers flare when we are nearing exhaustion, and it is intensified by the heat. For approximately $1/day, a Portacool evaporative cooler can keep fans and athletes alike feeling and performing their best. In theory, many outside activities seem like a great way to spend a day. Until you get outside, that is. You start to feel the heat of a typical summer day, and you suddenly realize you can’t have fun out there.

That’s because your body has a hard time keeping cool when it’s hot. At any temperature over 75° F, your body starts to lose the ability to cool off effectively. By the time outdoor temperatures reach 95° F, you have only one way to keep cool: sweat. While sweating can be effective, it can’t easily replace all the other cooling methods your body has lost. You either need to slow down or cool down. Otherwise, your body will shut down with heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If you want to give outside sports your all, you need a cool down solution.

From the buzzer to the flag until the sun sets over the stadium, or whichever expanse of green you relish, Portacool is there to keep you safe and cool.

On The Sidelines

Sideline cooling fans are one option for helping athletes stay cool at outside sports like football, soccer, lacrosse, and more. However, they have limited effectiveness. On any day where the heat climbs above 90° F, the only cooling method that is effective is sweating. Sideline cooling fans can make sweating more effective, but it’s still limited, especially for big athletes who have a hard time lowering their core temperature. Plus, sweating comes at a cost: dehydration.

Athletes who are constantly sweating need to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. They also need to make sure they’re replacing electrolytes or else they might develop complications like hyponatremia (salt shortage). The more time spent at high temperatures, the harder it gets to strike this balance.

That’s why we’ve seen numerous sports programs adopt Portacool portable evaporative coolers, like the University of North Texas. UNT sees their portable evaporative coolers as a way to help their players recover, get a competitive edge, and stay safe. Portable evaporative coolers are a much more effective solution for cooling players down than a sideline cooling fan.

Sidelines are often filled with twice as many supporters as players: bring value to your mascot, emergency responders, team staff, photographers, officiants, team managers, and coaches by including them in the cool.

The Finish Line

Another great place to set up an outdoor evaporative cooler is at the finish line of a race. There are dozens of marathons and triathlons across the US from May to September where heat can be a potentially serious issue for athletes. Whether they are first-time participants or long-term competitors, these athletes often push themselves to their absolute limits. Having a cooling station can help them recover and avoid dangerous complications.

Team Up with Portacool

Our evaporative coolers are manufacturing in Center, Texas. Our customer service is also based in the USA. You won’t be transferred to international call centers. Our customer care team is here to help you with any technical support or questions you may have.