Portacool 30th Anniversary Spotlight – Donald Sigler


Founded in 1990, Portacool is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. To give you a view into what makes the leader in evaporative cooling tick, we’re spotlighting long-time employees to share their memories, experiences and perspectives during their time with the company.

Name: Donald Sigler

Role: Customer Service/Tech Support

Years at Portacool: 26 years

What was Portacool like when you first started?
I started in January 1994 with forty employees. At the time, it was a small company that had a goal to cool the world with our evaporative coolers. Little did I know then that we would actually succeed. We sold some of the first coolers out of the back of pickup trucks. People started seeing and using our coolers and the sales started going up and up and up. To this date, sales are still going up.

How has Portacool changed and grown over your time at the company?
Portacool has changed drastically over the last 26 years just in sheer size – from a very small company to a large company that is supplying our products globally.

What is your favorite thing about working at Portacool?
My favorite thing would be the company itself. Portacool is a great company to work for because of the caring people in the company.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Portacool so far?
That would have to be my 25th anniversary surprise party. I had no idea they were planning anything and everyone was gathered along the hallway when I got to work and they had decorated my desk.