Air conditioning the outside is horrible for the environment. You guys suck!

You know what, we AGREE that air conditioning the outside is horrible for the environment. That’s why we don’t do it. Our products are evaporative coolers – they are specifically designed to work outside. There are no chemicals or coils to deal with like with an air conditioner – only pure tap water and a little electricity. On average, our products only pull 8.9 amps on high. That’s about the same as your household coffeemaker.

Our products can actually HELP the environment. Replacing just one ducted air conditioner in an industrial setting (your local gym, a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, an auto body shop) with a Portacool evaporative cooler can help eliminate 1.6 metric tons of CO2 from being pumped into our atmosphere annually. Again, Portacool’s evaporative coolers contain no harmful synthetic refrigerants that can damage the ozone layer. On top of that, our products consume up to 80% less energy than most air conditioning systems and can be operated in low voltage areas greatly reducing your monthly overhead.