Another company told me that your products are hard to care for and have to be put together.

They didn’t tell you the truth! Our products come fully assembled, sitting in a crate and covered with a large box. Clip the straps, slide off the box and pull the product from the pallet, hook up a garden hose and fill it up with water, plug it in, turn it on – you have cooling comfort in less than 20 minutes and most of that is filling up the tank!

Maintenance is just as easy. All of our new products have a two-inch drain on the bottom toward the back. We recommend once a week you drain the water out and start fresh on Monday morning. Just make sure you roll the product where you want the water to drain before removing the plug. It is going to come out FAST!

We also recommend at the end of season to pull out the evaporative media and thoroughly wash out and dry the reservoir. All you need is a Philips head screw driver and maybe a ladder. Remove the screws from the media flap on the top of the evaporative cooler and slide the media out. We even made a video you can watch to see exactly how to do this! Once the evaporative media is out rinse out and dry the reservoir. Replace the evaporative media and media flap. We sell off-season covers that you can use to protect your Portacool evaporative cooler during storage.

See? Not so difficult at all!