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There are times when sweating is fun: hot yoga, tubing on the river with chilly water on your backside, and taking first place at a hot chili eating contest. Beyond those, feeling sweat trickle is not as desirable. It means that your body is too warm and trying to get back into the healthy zone.

The staff of Portacool in Center, Texas spend more days of the year over 80 degrees than under. We sweat just like you, and we don’t need it when we’re trying to enjoy our free time.

Thankfully, you don’t have to roast – leave that to the BBQ pit. With Portacool’s evaporative coolers, like the Apex Series, you can keep the deck cool and spend your time relaxing instead of changing out of sweat soaked clothes.

Instead of pushing around hot air or getting everything wet, our evaporative coolers take the hot air surrounding you and through the process of evaporation push cool air into your surroundings. This can drop the ambient air temperature up to 30ºF and keep you enjoying your beautiful patio year-round. Unlike air conditioning, evaporative cooling benefits from fresh air, constantly blowing refreshing breeze, and can provide you an outdoor cooling solution for about $1/day. That’s a game-changer. Find a retailer below and use our calculator to determine which size Portacool is right for your space.   

Enjoy the Benefits of an Evaporative Cooler for your Patio, She-shed, or Workshop

Effectively & Affordably Cool
Enjoy More Time On Your Porch
Be More Active Outdoors
Reduce the Risk of Heat-related Illness
Be The Cool Neighborhood Spot

Which Portacool is Right for Me?

  • Overall room / area size

  • People to cool?

  • Access to constant water supply?

  • Exterior Openings (doors & windows)

  • Electrical Options

Our Portacool evaporative coolers are backed by best in class warranties and live, US based customer care team. Our team is here to keep YOUR team cool!


Staycation Destination

Everybody loves a backyard barbecue when the weather’s right. When it’s sunny and clear, it often ends up being too hot. This makes it hard to enjoy outside, which is a shame when you’ve invested time, money, and effort into developing your dream patio, lawn, garden, and pool space. And no one does BBQ as well as you, so treat yourself to next-level cool. With Portacool, you've arrived. 

For less than the cost of a weekend getaway, turn your patio into a staycation destination. Portacool, portable, home, evaporative coolers can make your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood. Unlike a patio fan, which just pushes hot air around, a Portacool evaporative cooler actually cools the air, giving you a refreshing cool breeze on even the hottest of days. 

The Heat Takes A Toll

While you inherently know that heatstroke and dehydration are real possibilities, the science says that above 75 degrees the body needs to start cooling itself with sweating, but in humid climates, under stifling clothes, and without wind your sweat is unlikely to keep up, allowing your core temperature to rise. Even the shade is not enough to deter heat, though it can help you from taking on additional heat.

To improve cooling, your body redirects blood from your muscles, brain, and other organs to your skin. This makes it hard to be active physically or mentally when it gets hot. Ultimately, you may experience cramps, headaches, and fatigue. Our bodies typically tell us when we’ve had enough and we reduce activity and shed clothing to accommodate, but many climates don’t utilize air conditioning as a norm and rely only on fans and moist rags to help. A Portacool evaporative air cooler is the ideal solution in situations like this, keeping you cool and comfortable.

How Evaporative Cooling Works

Just as the air feels cooler around fountains and waterfalls, cooling can happen in your yard too through the process of evaporation. Water takes the same amount of energy to turn into a gas whether you’re boiling it in a kettle or evaporating it outside. In a kettle, the energy comes from your stove, but outside, the energy is heat from the air, which cools off the air a considerable amount. Portacool does the same thing but has concentrated the surface area for evaporation with the media and expedited the process with electricity. A powerful but quiet fan puts that cool exactly where you need it most. While the coolest place will be near the cooler, with some models you can feel the effects of cooling up to 300 feet away. 

Have the Coolest Patio This Summer

Since 1990, we have earned a reputation as the leader in the evaporative cooling industry. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer care has fueled our growth, leading to a network of distributors spanning across all 50 states and globally. Proudly manufactured in Center, Texas, USA.

Portacool works in she-sheds and man caves alike! Take the cool with you wherever you are spending time. Your beautiful garden and patio miss you: get back out there. Please visit a local retailer or contact us now to learn more about our portable evaporative coolers.

Keeping America Cool

Our evaporative coolers are manufacturing in Center, Texas. Our customer service is also based in the USA. You won’t be transferred to international call centers. Our customer care team is here to help you with any technical support or questions you may have.