Why is the red pump indicator light not working?

The red light on the control panel of your Portacool evaporative cooler next to the pump switch is actually a low-level light. When the product is full of water, the light should not be illuminated. If the light is on, it means your cooler is out of water and the pump has shut off to…

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Can you make an evaporative cooler work in humid environments?

If you believe your evaporative cooler is adding too much additional humidity to the environment, try the following: Open a door or window – evaporative coolers need fresh air to work at their best. Use the water adjustment valve (all Portacool products have these) to restrict the water flow over the evaporative media. While this…

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Will I need a special plug for my Portacool evaporative cooler?

Maybe. All Classic Portacool evaporative coolers and Portacool Cyclone evaporative coolers require a standard three-prong 115-volt electrical outlets. Portacool Jetstream evaporative coolers EXCEPT the Portacool Jetstream 270 (PACJS270) also use a standard three-prong 115-volt electrical outlets. The exceptions to standard outlets are: Portacool Jetstream 270 (PACJS270) requires a 5-20R power outlet; the Portacool Hurricane 360…

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What happens if my evaporative cooler runs out of water?

All Portacool Cyclone, Jetstream, Hurricane and Hazardous Location evaporative coolers come with an automatic low water shutoff. When the evaporative cooler is out of water, a red light will illuminate on the control panel and the pump will shut off. If you have an older model Portacool evaporative cooler, you can chat, call or email…

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Can the fan and pump operate separately?

Yes, the fan and pump motors are separate systems. You can run one without the other with no damage to the product. That said, however, you will not receive the same degree of cooling by only running the fan. For evaporative cooling to happen, water must be running over the evaporative media.

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My evaporative cooler is not putting out any cool air.

First, make sure the water source and electricity source to the evaporative cooler are connected and working. Second, ensure there is water in the tank. It should be allowed to fill before you turn the pump on. Finally, check to see if the Kuul evaporative media is damp. If not, adjust the water flow with…

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