Portacool Portable Evaporative Air Conditioners

Tackling Summer 2020’s Top Questions about Portacool Evaporative Cooler Operation


Question: My cooler is not cooling as I thought it would in my shop or facility. I have all the doors closed or mostly closed.

Answer:  Unlike an air conditioner, evaporative cooling works with the ambient air and water to provide cooling. Portable evaporative cooling systems do not need chemicals, special ducting or lots of electricity to cool warm air. What it DOES need is access to a source of outside air or to be placed in an area with plenty of ventilation. Here’s a 40 second illustrative video on how it works:

To operate at the highest efficiency, the evaporative cooler should be placed where air flow is not obstructed to the back of the cooler. Do not place the back of the evaporative cooler directly against a wall or in a tight corner. The fan will pull hot air through the water-soaked evaporative media where the water evaporates, actually cooling the air. The fan pushes the cooled air into the warm environment. Note that running an evaporative cooler in a closed environment could make the room or building warmer by increasing the humidity level.


Question: Why is the pump light indicator not working on my Portacool?

Portable Evaporative Air Conditioners

Answer: Good news – no light on means no problem – your pump is working! This red light on the control panel of your Portacool evaporative air cooler (next to the pump switch) is actually a low-level light, and it will only shine red when there is not enough water in your evaporative cooler.


Question: Your products can’t work in humid areas like Florida, right?

Answer: Portacool customers on the East coast have found Portacool evaporative coolers to provide much-needed relief. Although the temperature drop may not be as substantial as it is in arid climates, those that work in the humidity agree that even a 10-degree drop can make a huge difference when it’s 100° F outside.  We often hear from happy business owners from New Jersey to Florida (like Matt Blommel who recently shared his cooling story) who rely on this cooling method to achieve cooling that keeps their workers comfortably productive when the heat is unbearable. To learn more about the exact science behind the effectiveness of evaporation you can read more here.