The Kuul Effect Difference

At Portacool, LLC we have been producing our own rigid evaporative media since 1998. Now, as the leader in evaporative cooling technologies, we have the most advanced evaporative media available on the market. So, what sets Portacool and Kuul evaporative media apart from competitors? We like to say it’s a little something called “The Kuul Effect.”

Evaporative media is the technology in portable evaporative coolers and fixed evaporative cooling applications. Therefore, the quality of the evaporative media chosen makes a crucial difference in the effectiveness of the cooling achieved. Kuul evaporative media is made using superior raw materials that are expertly engineered to maximize the interaction between air and water for the most evaporation and therefore most effective cooling. But, the Kuul Effect is more than just excellent products and design.

Beyond the high-quality evaporative media, it is Portacool’s belief that our products are only as effective as the service we provide to stand behind them. Every piece of Kuul evaporative media is backed with the corporate integrity of Portacool and comes with a one-year warranty. The employees that work at Portacool wear the company name as their own, and they work hard to ensure all products we produce not only meet but exceed customer expectations. The U.S.-based Kuul Customer Service team is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, with extended hours in the summer and can provide knowledgeable answers relative to product questions, installation, and maintenance, as well as shipping and logistics.

The customer service at Portacool extends beyond the Customer Service team to every facet of the organization, from Leadership to Sales and Manufacturing. The Sales team can assist in selecting the best options to fit your specific needs and ensure that your evaporative media is installed and maintained properly. The Manufacturing team closely manages the details and quality of each piece of media produced. The Leadership team sets the tone for the company and keeps the customer at the center of every decision. In fact, CEO Ben Wulf says, “Portacool is a customer service company – we just happen to make evaporative media and portable evaporative coolers.”

Although we’re a global organization, Kuul evaporative media is made in the USA at the Portacool manufacturing facility in Center, Texas. Because of this, our inventory is ready to ship faster than anyone else in the industry. We also have world-class distribution and proven logistical capabilities around the world. In addition to our USA operations, Portacool opened a manufacturing and distribution facility in Malaysia in 2014 to exclusively serve the South East Asian market.

The Kuul Effect goes well beyond the products we make. At Portacool, LLC we have worked hard to build a global organization with a local feel. We manufacture our products to be of the highest quality to ensure customer satisfaction with customer service you can count on. Want to feel the Kuul Effect for yourself? Reach out to us at