Portacool LLC Announces Separation of Portacool and Kuul Brands

August 2nd, 2023

[Center TX, August 2, 2023] – Portacool LLC, the global leader in evaporative cooling solutions, is excited to announce a strategic move to separate its Portacool and Kuul brands, effective
immediately. This decision will optimize the strengths of each brand and provide additional focus as each brand experiences unprecedented growth in their respective markets. Additionally, it allows for continued and targeted investment in both brands.
As part of this decision, the Kuul brand will transition to Condair, a company known for 75 years of commitment to excellence and innovation. This strategic realignment will enable the two
companies to leverage their complementary capabilities, opening new opportunities for expansion and market leadership. Both Condair and Portacool LLC will remain under the ownership and direction of the Meier Capital Group.
With the separation of the brands, Portacool will concentrate all efforts on providing state-of-the-art evaporative cooling solutions. Portacool will continue to operate with the same leadership team under the continued direction of CEO Ben Wulf.
“This move allows both brands to excel in their own markets and gives us a re-energized and
deliberate focus to ensure Portacool remains the market leader in evaporative cooling solutions,” said Ben Wulf. “We have 30 years of history that we will use to guide us as we navigate ahead. This history will serve as a blueprint for rebuilding the new Portacool. The fire at our Kuul manufacturing facility in June was devastating but not defining. We will be defined by our response to this crisis which will be swift and decisive. We will recover, rebuild, and emerge even stronger.
We have an opportunity to rewrite the Portacool story, and that story starts today.”

About Portacool LLC

Established in 1990, Portacool™ is the global leader in portable evaporative cooling solutions and
Evaporative Media Technologies. Based in Center, Texas, with a distribution facility in Wilmer,
Texas, Portacool has revolutionized the cooling industry through innovative product design and
media technology, catering to various cooling applications. Our portable evaporative coolers have proven highly effective across diverse sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing, industrial, business, entertainment, sports, home, and hobby, offering practical and cost-effective cooling alternatives to traditional air conditioning. Backed by an extensive network of distributors spanning 50 U.S. states and 56 countries, Portacool, LLC remains at the forefront of the cooling solutions industry, continually redefining global cooling standards.