Why Today’s Evaporative Coolers are NOT Yester Year’s Swamp Coolers


An evaporative cooler’s operation hinges squarely on the effectiveness of its rigid evaporative media. Evaporative media is the visible surface in evaporative coolers or evaporative cooling walls (such as those used for poultry applications) where you see water flow taking place. More importantly, it is where the “magic,” or science, occurs to generate cooling from the culmination of water and ambient air. The technology is formed in the engineering of that rigid evaporative media.

Quality rigid evaporative media, manufactured by expertly trained technicians, utilizes superior raw materials that are intelligently designed to maximize the interaction between air and water for exceptional cooling. The best evaporative media is engineered to evaporate the most water to make modern-day evaporative coolers more energy-efficient and effective.

The Kuul Difference

Utilizing high-quality evaporative media matters when it comes to truly achieving the cooling desired. Kuul evaporative media is specifically engineering and designed to be the most advanced evaporative cooling media on the market. Portacool, LLC produces all three lines of Kuul evaporative media – Kuul Comfort™, Kuul Control™, and Kuul Vitality™ – at our Texas-based manufacturing facility with only U.S.-sourced materials. The variety of offerings means we’re not only experts in our craft, but that we can cool diverse environments ranging from chicken houses to data centers, or manufacturing plants to your back porch with our Portacool branded portable evaporative coolers. We even offer specific evaporative media coatings, like DuraPro to extend the life of the media for long-lasting durability and easier cleaning, or FirePro for those that need to adhere to strict fire codes.

Kuul Comfort evaporative media is the driving force behind our renowned cooling performance in our Portacool portable evaporative coolers. Since we manufacture our own evaporative media, we can ensure the specifications work in perfect harmony with the other elements of our portable evaporative coolers. This series is designed specifically to meet rigorous performance requirements and achieves 20% more cooling than previously used evaporative media. Featuring an exclusive mix of superior raw materials and a proprietary application of geometric, intelligent design, Kuul Comfort provides the highest efficiency cooling of any evaporative media on the market.

The Portacool Evaporative Cooling Process

So how does evaporative cooling work in a Portacool portable cooler to generate refreshing air? Here’s a snapshot. The cooling process begins with the pump transporting water from the cooler’s reservoir to run over the Kuul Comfort rigid media to ensure a constant and consistent flow of water, and therefore the most opportunity for evaporation. The fan blades effectively push the cool air out to the surrounding environment to maximize the airflow and truly cool the area. The improvements made to the evaporative media means optimal cooling is generated while using the same amount of electricity used to run standard household appliances, costing just pennies an hour. The evaporative cooler housing is built to last using durable, roto-molded plastic to protect the components (pump, evaporative media, fan blades, etc.) and withstand even the most challenging environments.

The bottom line to you as a homeowner or business owner looking to spot cool certain areas where air conditioning is impractical? You can rest assured that today’s evaporative coolers are among the most energy-efficient cooling methods available thanks to the advances in evaporative media such as Kuul. Our Portacool products are made proudly in the USA with domestic and global parts. We take pride in providing the most efficient evaporative cooler available with the most innovative Kuul technology to back it up.