Portacool Brings the Powerful Kuul Brand into the Fold

Portacool, LLC, the leading portable evaporative cooler and evaporative media company, announced today that it has completed the integration of the Kuul and Portacool brands.

In 1996, the company had a vision that every industry and application had its own unique media needs and requirements. They embarked on a journey to provide the products and technologies to everyone. Portacool is committed to giving each user the control and flexibility to meet their requirements. No matter the user, industry, or application, there is a product that fits. Today, Portacool is the world leader in portable evaporative coolers, and the Kuul brand is quickly emerging as the leader in the evaporative media industry.

“The merge of two powerful brands into one cohesive and symbiotic image highlights who we are – a family. Combining Portacool and Kuul is something we have always done but have not shown the world. Now that we have, we will utilize the strength of both to pave the way to a bright future.” Ben Wulf, President/CEO

This change moves the company back to its homegrown, Texas roots. The merging of two powerhouse brands tells a story of family, evolution, and technology. Kuul media is the asset that sets the company apart from any other company in the world. Created and manufactured in Center, Texas to serve multiple industries, Kuul evaporative media is the driving force that sets Portacool apart and makes the company the proud Home of Kuul.

About Portacool, LLC
Portacool, LLC leads the evaporative cooling industry with 30 years of technological, manufacturing expertise found in its Kuul evaporative media and Portacool portable evaporative coolers. Based in East Texas, Portacool offers cooling solutions through distributors and retailers nationally and internationally in more than 56 countries. The Kuul brand of evaporative media is used globally in data centers, power generation, and live production environments to guard against the damaging effects of heat. Portacool portable evaporative coolers are available in a variety of sizes to provide practical cooling solutions for commercial and residential environments to aid heat safety and productivity. Learn more about these brands and where to purchase them at or