Portacool Hazardous Location Series

Portacool Hazardous Location Evaporative Coolers

Extraordinary cooling for challenging environments

Portacool Hazardous Location evaporative coolers are ETL Certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups C & D hazardous locations. This certification ensures Portacool’s Hazardous evaporative coolers are suited to provide cooling comfort that aids heat stress prevention among workers in high-heat environments where combustibles are a concern. These environments include petrochemical refineries, offshore and onshore oil/gas exploration, chemical production, fuel depots, garages or hangars where fuel is present.


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Hazardous Location 260

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When you’re working in a hot environment where there are combustible gasses, cooling becomes an even bigger challenge. That’s why Portacool designed our Hazardous Location series, which are ETL certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups C & D hazardous locations. This makes them an ideal cooling solution for:

Portacool’s hazardous location series is made in the USA at our Center, Texas manufacturing facility, along with our other quality evaporative coolers. They use our specifically designed flame-retardant Kuul Comfort FirePro™ evaporative media. Kuul has the only evaporative media made in the USA, and it’s made from all USA-sourced materials.

We stand by the quality of our evaporative coolers with best-in-class warranties, customer service, and technical support.

Benefits of Portacool Hazardous Location Series

If you are looking to cool a location where there’s a risk from combustible materials, our hazardous location series is a great choice. You’ll experience the following benefits:

ETL Certified — For use in Class I, Division 2, Group C & D. Sealed electrical components are intrinsically safe.

One-Pass Cooling — Evaporative coolers can cool air as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit with one pass. This allows them to create a cool zone, even when you can’t catch or trap the cooled air.

Efficient Operation — Most of the energy for evaporative cooling comes from hot air, so you get cool air using about as much energy as a fan.

Easily Transportable — Although safety requires that a licensed electrician hardwire these, they can still be wheeled about to provide cooling to different areas of your worksite. You can easily lift them into a truck to transport your evaporative cooler to your next job site.

To find out if a Portacool hazardous location evaporative cooler is right for your site, please visit a local retailer or contact us directly.