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How Do You Keep an Auto Shop Cool?

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Portacool Evaporative Coolers for a Comfortable Shop

Automobile work often involves solving complex problems and doing precision work, but that’s hard to do when the temperature climbs. Garages are usually poorly insulated, which means they can get stiflingly hot during the warmer months. Working around hot equipment, like welders, and in tight spaces can make it even harder to stay cool, especially when you’re wearing protective clothing and coated in grease. This makes it imperative to find a cooling solution for your shop if you want mechanics to stay focused and productive.

Portacool evaporative coolers are the perfect solution for any automotive shop – better than a fan for the garage or air conditioning. They can make a tremendous difference, overcoming heat from the weather and machinery to create cool working conditions. They can also move around the shop, following you as you transition between bays and other workstations.

Portacool evaporative coolers are made in the USA at our Center, Texas manufacturing facility. This includes our Kuul evaporative media, the only media manufactured in the USA and made from 100% USA-sourced materials.

Hot Working Conditions Are Dangerous

When working, the human body generates extra heat. To avoid heat-related illnesses, the body must shed this heat. That’s tough to do when the temperature rises. The body’s techniques for getting rid of excess heat start to lose effectiveness at 75°F. Once the temperature reaches 95°F, only sweat effectively removes any heat. But when a mechanic is wearing coveralls and has their exposed skin covered with grease, sweat can do little good.

As a result, the body’s temperature starts to rise. Sensing the risk of heat-related illness, the body sends more blood to the skin and less to the brain and muscles. This makes it difficult to think, problem-solve, and hard to work. If nothing is done, a worker faces even more serious consequences:

Over time, intense heat exposure can cause the body to break down muscles, which reduces a worker’s strength and can damage the kidneys and liver.

Hot Conditions Affect the Productivity and Profitability of Your Shop

Auto ShopPeople don’t work as well when the temperature rises. When temperatures approach 100°F, worker productivity is only 70% of what it was at 80°F.

Increasing heat also leads to increased mistakes. A NASA study showed that workers made up to 12 times as many errors at 95°F as they did at 80°F. Mistakes can be very bad for business at your shop. At a minimum, they will waste time and resources. They can keep you from delivering cars by the promised deadline. At worst, repair mistakes can go unnoticed when a car gets returned to its owner, only to fail later, possibly causing additional damage. This can destroy your shop’s all-important reputation and business.

There’s also the issue of required breaks. When heat conditions become severe, OSHA recommends that workers might have to rest for 45 minutes or more out of each working hour. This can dramatically increase the cost of labor in your shop. Find out how much extra you’re paying for labor using our productivity loss calculator.

Why Evaporative Coolers Are the Best Choice for Your Automotive Shop

When they realize heat is a problem, many people consider garage air conditioning. However, a quick search will teach you why an evaporative cooler is a better option for you.

Installing garage air conditioning can be expensive, possibly $100,000 or more to achieve a sufficient level of cooling. While a ductless air conditioner for the garage has a lower install cost, they are still expensive to run. These units use compressors and refrigerants to create cool air, which takes a lot of power. The power demands are even greater because a garage air conditioner will want to cool all the space in your garage, including the headspace where no one is working. In most garages, the doors will open and close all day – if they aren’t simply open all day – letting all the cool air escape.

A fan for your garage also isn’t a good solution. While this can keep the air moving, in hot conditions garage cooling fans just blow hot air around. This provides limited improvement in your working conditions.

On the other hand, a portable evaporative cooler works great in a garage. It works by drawing in hot air and passing it over water in a cooling medium similar to a sponge. This evaporates the water, taking heat out of the air. The cool air then blows out. This takes only a fraction of the energy used by a garage air conditioner. You can also roll the portable garage evaporative cooler around your shop to wherever it’s needed, rather than trying to cool the entire garage.

You might worry that an evaporative cooler could lead to rust in your garage, but that’s not the case. Read case studies from people in metal shops and garages. Some of these people have been using our evaporative coolers for nearly three decades and haven’t had a problem with excess rust.

Benefits of an Evaporative Cooler in Your Garage

If you are tired of the heat in your garage, service station, or machine shop, it’s time to get an evaporative cooler. This can help your garage:

All these can improve the profitability of your garage as well as make it a more popular choice for people who need repairs.

Why Choose Portacool Evaporative Coolers for Your Shop

If you’ve realized that an evaporative cooler is the right solution for your garage, Portacool is your best choice.

Since 1990, Portacool evaporative coolers have been made in the USA. Although we have distributors in all 50 states and 56 countries, plus a warehouse facility in the Netherlands, all our evaporative coolers are made at our manufacturing facility in Center, Texas. This includes the only evaporative media made in the USA by our subsidiary, Kuul.

We have been able to grow to such a leadership position in the industry in part because of the quality of our product and in part because of our devotion to customer service. We offer best-in-class:

Plus, we go the extra mile and design a tailored, direct service plan for your product. This is based on your specific business and cooling needs so your evaporative cooler will keep your garage cool for years to come.

Find the Perfect Portacool Swamp Cooler for Your Garage

Portacool offers a wide range of evaporative coolers so you can find the perfect one for your garage. Some of the more popular models people use in garages are:

Jetstream 250 Evaporative CoolerJetstream 250

Variable speeds let you pick the perfect cool with this midsize unit whose 24-inch fan can drive up to 8,500 cubic feet of cool air per minute at up to 24 mph. This provides powerful focused cooling or effectively cools an area of more than 2,000 square feet.



Jetstream 260 Evaporative Cooler

Jetstream 260

With all the features of the 250, this has a 50% larger fan, moves 50% more air, and cools 50% more area. And a larger reservoir helps it cool longer with less attention.



Jetstream 270 Evaporative Cooler

Jetstream 270

With the features of 250, but a fan that’s twice as wide, the 270 delivers nearly three times as much air and can cool nearly 6,000 square feet. And weighing less than 300 lbs. means it moves around easily on its heavy-duty casters.

Not sure these are the right choices for your garage? Check out our full line of products to find the perfect cooler for your garage.



Have the Coolest Garage in Town

Don’t let the heat keep your garage from offering fast, accurate repairs. Keep it cool to keep employees and customers happy. Portacool’s inventory is ready to ship faster than anyone in the industry. You can find a retailer today to get your portable evaporative cooler as soon as possible. Or you can contact us for more information.

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