Don't Let the Heat Grind Your Gears

Automobile work often involves solving complex problems and doing precision work, but that’s hard to do when the temperature climbs. Garages are usually poorly insulated, which means they can get stiflingly hot during the warmer months. Working around hot equipment, like welders, and in tight spaces can make it even harder to stay cool, especially when you’re wearing protective clothing and coated in grease. This makes it imperative to find a cooling solution for your shop if you want mechanics to stay focused and productive.

We know that air conditioning a shop that constantly rotates blazing hot cars through gigantic bay doors amid the fumes of exhaust and chemicals is a losing battle, and an expensive one. You’d have to increase your hourly shop rate by 30% or more to keep the shop cool – on top of tens of thousands spent for chilled air that blows out the window at its first chance. By contrast, imagine a portable evaporative air cooler that places cold air exactly where you want it for about $1/day. Portacool thrives with hot, fresh air and is a natural solution for an automotive shop. Our Apex Series and Jetstream Series offers a variety of options for any size team or crowd you are keeping cool this season. Use the calculator below to find which Portacool is right for your space and where you can find them near you.

How Your Shop Can Benefit from an Evaporative Cooler

Maintain Productivity
Reduce Labor Costs
Increase Repair Accuracy
Reduce Repair Times
Lower Energy Costs

Which Portacool is Right for Me?

  • Overall room / area size

  • People to cool?

  • Access to constant water supply?

  • Exterior Openings (doors & windows)

  • Electrical Options

Our Portacool evaporative coolers are backed by best in class warranties and live, US based customer care team. Our team is here to keep YOUR team cool!


The Hidden Costs of Flat Fee Work

People don’t work as well when the temperature rises. When temperatures approach 100°F, worker productivity is only 70% of what it was at 80°F. Workers are more likely to make more mistakes in hot conditions. One NASA study showed that people might make as many as 12X more mistakes at 95°F than they make at 80°F. You cannot risk making mechanical errors that might cause injury to a driver as they leave your shop. These mistakes can cost time, resources, and money. At best, they waste time and resources. At worst, they destroy your shop’s all-important reputation or expose you to lawsuits.

In higher temperatures, OSHA recommends workers might have to rest for 45 minutes or more out of each working hour. If yours is like most shops, you are charging by the task, not by the hour, so neither you nor your employees benefit from breaks and are inclined to power through. That industrious attitude is awesome but at too great a cost to job satisfaction, safety, and warranty claims. To combat this, you start your day early and take breaks as needed, but customers all seem to need their cars fixed yesterday! You feel compelled to work longer hours creating potentially unsafe conditions. Portacool provides an inexpensive solution that is perfectly designed for an automotive shop.

Why Evaporative Coolers Are the Best Choice for Your Automotive Shop

Portacool evaporative air coolers are the perfect solution for any automotive shop – better than a fan that just pushes around hot air or wasteful, expensive air conditioning. They can make a tremendous difference, overcoming heat from the weather and machinery to create cool working conditions, blowing air that is 30 degrees cooler than the air it takes in. Portable and sturdy, the coolers can follow as you transition between bays and other workstations or cool a hot engine compartment or interior as you pull a vehicle in from the lot.

Reduce accidents, keep and recruit the best staff, turn visitors into brand ambassadors, maintain productivity, and do so affordably. Portacool evaporative coolers are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally conscious. Maintenance and repairs are so easy it doesn’t even require a mechanic – your office staff can diagnose and replace any of our parts. We engineered Portacool with users like you in mind and will put our hard work on display with yours any day of the week. 

Read case studies from people in metal shops and garages. Some of these people have been using our evaporative coolers for nearly three decades.

Because Your Reputation Matters, Choose Portacool

Since 1990, we have earned a reputation as the leader in the evaporative cooling industry. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer care has fueled our growth, leading to a network of distributors spanning across all 50 states and globally. Proudly manufactured in Center, Texas, USA.

Because the Portacool name is synonymous with providing service, above and beyond, we know that our name and recognizable coolers are a match for shops who feel the same way.

Customers can get their car fixed anywhere, but they choose you because you also go the extra mile. We want to help you go the extra mile for your shop personnel. Find a retailer below and drive home a Portacool today.

Keeping Our Workforce Cool

Our evaporative coolers are manufacturing in Center, Texas. Our customer service is also based in the USA. You won’t be transferred to international call centers. Our customer care team is here to help you with any technical support or questions you may have.