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Can evaporative coolers be used inside?

Evaporative coolers are designed to work best in areas not easily cooled by traditional air conditioning. This means ideal spaces have access to ambient air via open bays, doors or windows. While there are some environments conducive to evaporative cooling use in an enclosed building, the cooler is not going to operate at its highest…

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Why is the red pump indicator light not working?

The red light on the control panel of your Portacool evaporative cooler next to the pump switch is actually a low-level light. When the product is full of water, the light should not be illuminated. If the light is on, it means your cooler is out of water and the pump has shut off to…

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My new Portacool evaporative cooler smells funny. Is it on fire?

It’s not on fire…well, if it is smoking it might be, but a strange smell is normal for about the first two weeks of usage. Our unique design and manufacturing technique, together with our superior materials, enable our products to perform efficiently within a wide range of conditions. When installed correctly, our evaporative media products…

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Can you make an evaporative cooler work in humid environments?

If you believe your evaporative cooler is adding too much additional humidity to the environment, try the following: Open a door or window – evaporative coolers need fresh air to work at their best. Use the water adjustment valve (all Portacool products have these) to restrict the water flow over the evaporative media. While this…

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