Portacool Assisting Team Members in Need

June 23rd, 2023

[Portacool, LLC]: A Beacon of Support, Rallying Community Efforts and Assisting Employees
in Need

Center, TX June 22, 2023 Portacool, LLC places its team members at the forefront and
has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to its workforce by tirelessly working with
the Texas Workforce Solutions to expedite unemployment benefits for its displaced team
members. In the face of adversity, Portacool has united several resources to provide
essential support during these challenging times.

A recent devastating fire at one of the Portacool manufacturing facilities has profoundly
impacted the lives of many hardworking individuals. Understanding the urgency and gravity
of the situation, Portacool promptly engaged with Texas Workforce Solutions to ensure swift
processing and approval of unemployment benefits for affected team members.

Portacool acknowledges the power of community and the spirit of togetherness. Over the
last few days, multiple local businesses and churches have stepped forward to assist
employees during this time. This remarkable display of solidarity demonstrates the true
essence of a caring community.

In response to this collective outpouring of support, Portacool has organized a private job
fair for local businesses that have identified available job opportunities within their
respective organizations. This job fair serves as a platform for these compassionate
businesses to directly connect with the displaced workers from Portacool, offering them
viable employment options during this time of transition.

“Here at Portacool, our team members are the heart and soul of our organization. Their
wellbeing and support are of utmost importance to us,” said Jennifer Wyatt, Director of
Human Resources at Portacool. “We are immensely grateful to Texas Workforce Solutions
for their collaboration, and the overwhelming response from our local community.”

Portacool will continue to utilize all resources and means available to continue to support its
team members and community. For inquiries, please reach out to