evaporative coolers for indoor concert venues

Best Cooling Solutions for Indoor Concert Venues

A “hot” concert venue should be in-demand. It’s the best ticket in town, and every act wants to book the event venue because concert-goers all want to see shows there. What a “hot” concert venue shouldn’t be is hot and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, that’s how many indoor concert venues can be. When the venue books a popular act, the hall can be packed wall-to-wall with people who are not just listening to the music, they’re moving energetically and producing a lot of heat. This heat can make the venue uncomfortable and unpopular – the kind of place people will avoid unless their very favorite act is playing. Once this happens, the top performers won’t play there because they know the place’s bad reputation will cut their ticket sales.

Finding the best cooling solutions for indoor concert venues can be a challenge. It’s hard to provide cooling for adapted events venues, part-time concert venues, and outdated events venues. Plus, it can be hard balancing energy needs and cooling demands.

Cooling for Adapted Events Venues

Many of the best event venues were originally designed as something else. Churches, railroad stations, warehouses, barns, and more now serve as events and concert venues. These places can be hard to cool.

First of all, the original HVAC was never designed to handle the cooling demands of the new usage. Plus, the structures may not have been designed to trap conditioned air, making these venues drafty and hard to control. In these situations, evaporative coolers can make all the difference for concert venues. They can efficiently supplement the underpowered cooling system; it doesn’t matter if the concert venue effectively traps the air, which can wash over the crowd and pass out of the venue, having helped people feel cooler.

Cooling for Part-Time Concert Venues

band playing at an indoor concert venueMany concert venues spend their weekdays as something else, only hosting live music on the weekends. For these venues, it doesn’t make sense to have a full-time HVAC system designed to handle the needs of concert-going.

Having a portable cooling solution makes sense for these events venues. Portable evaporative coolers can come out for concerts, so there’s no need to perform expensive upgrades to the current cooling systems.

Supplemental Cooling for Outdated Events Venues

Many events venues were designed and built in the past when people were more tolerant of poor climate control. In addition, the types of concerts performed at the time drew less energetic and motivated audiences. One common adaptation is removing auditorium-style seating to increase capacity. There is a big difference in the cooling demand between 300 seated patrons and a crowd of 600 standing, cheering, dancing, and moshing fans.

Unfortunately, upgrading the HVAC for an events venue can be a lot more expensive than removing the seats. It’s not simply a question of upgrading the central air conditioning unit. Old ductwork may be insufficient for carrying the cool air for the crowd. Adding new ductwork is often prohibitively expensive, especially for historic buildings where architectural details must be preserved. In these cases, you often simply cannot upgrade the central AC.

Where updating AC in an outdated venue is either impossible or expensive, a portable cooling solution is desirable. Evaporative coolers will deliver the powerful cooling benefits you need at an affordable price.

Choosing Evaporative Coolers for Events Venues

If you are faced with the challenge of cooling an adapted, part-time, or outdated concert venue, a Portacool portable evaporative cooler might be your best choice. Portacool provides powerful cooling with low energy cost, which is important if you’re already facing energy demand problems because of the lights, amps, and other concert equipment.

Plus, Portacool is made in the USA, and has been since its introduction in 1990. We offer best-in-class warranties and customer service, so you know that you can rely on your Portacool to be ready to cool off the crowd, ensuring that your venue remains the “hot” ticket.

Please visit a local or online retailer to buy a Portacool, or contact Portacool directly for large orders.