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The greatest compliment you can receive as an employer is not a customer’s praise; it’s an invitation made by your staff to outside colleagues to join your team. When your team members feel valued they will sing your praises. One way to show that value is by providing a comfortable workplace. The added benefit: safety and productivity.

Most production employees are accustomed to working without air conditioning, especially those whose work requires ventilation or whose daily work includes moving items through bay doors. And in many places, a frequent light breeze through a bay door really does have more cooling power than air conditioning could reasonably provide because it’s the low-tech version of the same technology we utilize: evaporation. Many businesses start their day early to leverage more of their work hours before the afternoon heat hits. A Portacool evaporative cooler works best during those hot, dry hours, while chemically-treated air conditioning will be woefully inadequate at keeping up.

Hot Working Conditions Put Employees at Risk

When working, the human body generates considerable heat. To stay healthy and keep working effectively, the body must shed this heat. Unfortunately, when the workplace itself is hot, it can be hard for the body to release the necessary heat. Instead, the body’s core temperature increases, which can be dangerous, even deadly.

The body’s heat loss mechanisms start to lose effectiveness around 75°F. Once temperatures in the workplace reach 95°F, sweat is the only way the body can shed heat. When a person is wearing thick, protective clothing that industrial work often requires, their body can’t sweat effectively.

In these situations, the body’s temperature starts to rise, which leads to problems like a loss of blood supply to the brain and muscles. This reduces your employees’ mental and physical ability to work. Over time, their body breaks down their muscles, making them less effective workers. Your employees can suffer from heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, or heart attacks. This can mean losing a skilled worker when you need them most.

Why Portacool?

As a manufacturing company, we celebrate those on the loading dock, the production floor, truckers who deliver, and warehouse workers who somehow make it all fit. We’ve experienced firsthand how machinery produces searing heat and bay doors can instantly let out whatever cool was preserved overnight.

Indoor industrial worksites also pose serious heat risks for their employees. If the hot conditions at your industrial worksite are affecting your productivity and profitability, it is time for Portacool.

Since 1990, we have earned a reputation as the leader in the evaporative cooling industry. Our standards for quality and customer care have expanded demand, and we now have distributors in all 50 states and in 56 countries around the world.  Made in Center, Texas, Portacool includes the only cooling media made in the USA. Read more about the Kuul evaporative media.

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Portacool 510

Portacool 510 evaporative coolerThe Portacool 510 is the newest addition to our product line. As the smallest and lightest Portacool evaporative cooler, it provides the ease and versatility you need to maintain a comfortable environment in small spaces.

Enjoy the cooling benefits of the 510 in a wide range of applications. It’s excellent for home workshops and backyard patios. Keep your small business workspace, retail shop, or gym cool on hot days. You can also bring the 510 along on RV trips and when you’re tailgating before a sports event on a hot day.

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Portacool Cyclone™ Series

Portacool Portable Evaporative Air Coolers - CycloneThe Portacool Cyclone™ series provides powerful cooling in spaces where air conditioning simply isn’t a viable solution. These compact, lightweight evaporative coolers come on wheels, making them easy to move around your space to achieve cooling benefits in the precise area you need them.

With four distinct coolers in the Cyclone line, you’re guaranteed to find an option that meets your specific needs. The Cyclone is perfect for outdoor patios, home workshops, small businesses, retail shops, events venues, and gyms.

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Portacool Jetstream™ Series

Portacool Jetstream Evaporative Air CoolerLarger work environments need a powerful cooling solution to maintain workers’ health, safety, and productivity when the temperatures get hot. The Portacool Jetstream™ series provides the cooling you need to avoid a work stoppage due to excessive heat.

The Jetstream is the evaporative cooler of choice in factories and industrial settings. It’s also an ideal solution for your auto garage, aviation hangar, farm, prison, or large events venue. With six models in the Jetstream line, you can customize your cooling to ensure optimal results for your unique space.

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Portacool Hazardous Location Series

Portacool Evaporative Air Cooler for Hazardous Locations

Effective cooling is vital in any work environment, but it’s especially crucial when combustible gases are present. These situations create unique challenges when trying to keep the environment cool. Fortunately, Portacool’s Hazardous Location series is specifically designed to meet the needs of petrochemical refineries, oil and gas exploration outfits, chemical production plants, fuel depots, and any other location where combustibles are a concern.

Our Hazardous Location evaporative coolers are ETL Certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups C&D hazardous locations. All electrical components are sealed to provide an additional layer of safety.

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