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How Effective Are Portacool Evaporative Coolers?

If you are evaluating cooling options, you should be considering an evaporative cooler. It’s quite likely that you’re attracted by all the benefits evaporative coolers offer. You like the energy efficiency, the ease of transport, the lack of dangerous chemicals, and the fact that they are so much cheaper. In the end, the effectiveness of…

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A Unique Market

  As Portacool ® continues to expand its footprint in the world, we come across a unique market. It is unique due to its industrialization, international trade treaties, tourism but most of all, its geographical location and climate. Mexico has a distinctive climate diversity. In the North, we will find arid or dry climates; in…

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5 Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Workspace Cool This Summer

Outdoor work can get unbearable in the summer. As the temperature climbs, the stress of outdoor work at places like construction sites, road work sites, farms, and oil and gas refineries can all become unbearable and unproductive. They can even become dangerous. To protect employees and keep them working, it’s essential to do what you…

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Fly High With Portacool

Avoid the soaring summer temperatures with evaporative cooling After a long year without travel, the world has begun to take flight once again. Portacool has cooling solutions for those in the aviation industry, whether it’s a hobby or a profession. But it’s easy to wonder: why do you need cooling solutions for airplanes? In the…

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What Are the Best Cooling Solutions for My Patio?

As we turn our back on what has been a brutal winter for many of us, being out on the patio seems appealing. Unfortunately, that appeal can diminish quickly once the first blush of spring gives way to the fiery fury of summer. Then the patio might not seem like a nice place to be.…

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Quality Product Comes From Quality People

As the world-class leader of evaporative media and portable evaporative cooling solutions for more than 30 years now, Portacool is proud of the outstanding teams that serve as the foundation of our organization. We are proudly based in Center, Texas, where we manufacture high-quality, innovative, made in the USA evaporative cooling solutions. What does life…

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Heat-Related Illness in Work Environments

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), thousands of people develop an illness or injury every year from heat exposure in their work environment. In some extreme cases, these injuries can be fatal. In fact, the National Weather Service found that heat produces more fatalities each year than any other weather event. Due…

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Cooling on a Global Scale

Global temperatures have been rising steadily for a long time, but the rate of increase over the past few decades has been particularly high. In fact, the World Meteorological Organization listed the year 2020 as the second warmest on record, rivalling 2016 for the top spot. According to the European Environment Agency, the global mean…

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How Do Pets Keep Themselves Cool on a Hot Day?

As we’re going into summer, it’s essential to be aware of the potential for heat exhaustion for everyone: yourself, your kids, and your pets. Since your pets can’t tell you when they’re having trouble keeping cool, you have to make sure they have everything they need to beat the heat. To do that, you have…

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Agriculture Portable Cooling Needs

From the Greenhouse to the Stables This summer is gearing up to be one of the hottest on record. The negative effects of excessive heat can play a role in all facets of agriculture – from the health of animals to the growth of crops. Here are some important considerations relative to maintaining agricultural environments…

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