Cooling on Auto Drive


Finding a cooling solution for hot, open-door garages can be an ongoing challenge for auto enthusiasts, hobbyists, and business owners. Air conditioning for these areas can be impractical and cost-prohibitive and you can’t stop hot-rodding just because of hot weather! This is where evaporative cooling systems can come to the rescue. The automotive industry has been relying on Portacool for years as a cost-effective cooling solution.

Known for creating unique rat rods, Steve Darnell’s WelderUp shop in Las Vegas is not the average car customization shop. WelderUp is made up of an eccentric crew of mechanics, fabricators, and welders who create one-of-a-kind vehicles. After years of using regular industrial fans in the often extreme heat of Las Vegas, Steve needed a better solution that did more than simply push hot air around the shop. That’s when he turned to Portacool. Steve and the WelderUp team use Portacool portable evaporative coolers throughout their shop, and Steve even says they couldn’t make it without them. He touts that the coolers are quiet, efficient, easy on his power bill, and can be moved wherever needed.

Steve Darnell’s WelderUp shop in Las Vegas

Shannon Aikau, lead builder and bike shop manager at Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas, is also no stranger to the heat. In fact, it can get up to 98-100 degrees in his bike shop. Shannon discovered portable evaporative coolers in the 90s and since then, won’t work in the shop without one running. For Shannon, it makes all the difference in staying focused and productive to ensure he delivers what the clients expect of him.

Shannon Aikau, Count’s Kustoms

Portacool portable evaporative coolers can also protect you from heat stress even when your garage moves around! Jim Dunn has been racing since his teens and at 84 years young, he hasn’t slowed down a bit! In 2018, the team competed in 24 races across the country and their mobile garage – a 53-foot-long, double-decker transporter – goes with them. When they are on the road, they depend on their Portacool portable evaporative coolers to provide a cool source of air to keep them safe and productive in the heat. In their southern California home shop, the evaporative coolers also help keep them cool even in the more humid climate.

Whether a small shop or a massive operation, our portable evaporative coolers allow those in the garage to cool off simply using water, ambient air, and a standard electrical plug. Even better, it costs just pennies per hour to operate. If you are looking for a cooling solution for your auto shop to prevent heat from slowing you down, check out the options.