Efficient Cooling From the Tailgate to the sideline


Our Texas hearts are happy! Football season is FINALLY back! Take a look at the sidelines — high school, college, and professional — and you might just see that many of the teams will be cool, comfortable, and protected from heat stress with a Portacool portable evaporative cooler. That’s not just any fan you see there on the sidelines. It is an evaporative cooler that is providing cool, fresh air to your favorite team.

What is more fun than actually going to a football game? Tailgating!!! In much of the country, August and September can be brutally hot – we see you SEC country. Between the weather, the grills, the concrete, and the masses of folks gathered in one area, what is a fan do to? Prepared tailgaters have tents and cool, hydrating refreshments (be sure to have lots of water on hand to hydrate with – adult beverages can be a dehydrant due to their diuretic properties) to try and keep their part of the lot bearable. Superfans, however, keep cool with their own portable evaporative cooling systems. The portability of our Portacool Cyclone evaporative coolers makes keeping the tailgate party cool and comfortable easy. With a standard electrical source, it is easy – plus the amperage is low. So, with the gridiron on – get your Portacool on as well.

If you or your favorite team needs more information on the Portacool portable evaporative cooler that will up their performance this season, be sure to visit us online.