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Evaporative Coolers for RVs

evaporative cooler for RVs

The joy of an RV is getting to see the country while enjoying relative comfort. You get to drive to amazing places and hang out amid the beautiful sights: have your morning coffee watching the sunrise in different places, or just get away from the city so you can watch all the stars come out in a dark sky.

You miss a lot of that pleasure if you have to constantly retreat inside the RV when the weather gets hot. Instead of being in the great wide open, you end up spending too much of your time in the cramped cabin and looking at the sights through the tiny windows. If only there were a way to keep cool while sitting outside the RV.

There is – Portacool outdoor evaporative coolers. This cooling solution lets you lounge in comfort outside to enjoy the sights wherever you may be. Plus, they use a fraction of the energy that your RV AC uses so you can preserve precious fuel. And Portacool evaporative coolers are all made in the USA. You won’t just be seeing America; you’ll be supporting America when you use your Portacool.

Enjoy These Benefits of an RV Evaporative Cooler

With an outdoor evaporative cooler, you will enjoy these benefits:

These benefits make an evaporative cooler a great choice for your RV.

Why It’s So Hard to Enjoy RVing on Hot Days

You have packed your RV with many comforts and you’d like to think this would make it easy to enjoy relaxing by your RV most days. But it’s just not enough: you find yourself wanting to flee inside to the comfort of the air-conditioned interior.

The reason why you can’t comfortably stay outside is that the body has a hard time cooling off when it gets hot out. How hot? The body’s natural cooling mechanisms start to lose effectiveness once the temperature exceeds 75°F. By the time temperatures reach the upper 90s, the only cooling mechanism that remains effective is sweating. But sitting around sweating by the RV is few people’s idea of a good time.

Take Advantage of Nature’s Cooling Strategy

man relaxing at his rv with an evaporative coolerSweating, while not pleasant, is an excellent example of evaporative cooling. When water evaporates, it absorbs energy, and whatever was the source of energy cools off. With sweat, the energy comes from you, so you feel cooler.

An evaporative cooler is designed to efficiently take energy from the air to evaporate water. This cools the air off, sometimes by as much as 30 degrees F! That makes even the hottest day comfortable for lounging around.

A portable evaporative cooler is so effective at cooling that it can even be used instead of your air conditioner when you’re stopped.

An Evaporative Cooler for Your RV Beats a Fan

You might have already thought to pack a fan in your RV, but you’ve probably realized that it isn’t enough. All a fan does is move the hot air around. That is something: it can improve the effectiveness of your sweat, but you’re still sitting around sweating.

An outdoor evaporative cooler actually cools the air. This means you don’t have to sweat: the cool air takes the heat away from your body, so you feel comfortable without sweating.

A side benefit of this is that you can avoid dehydration. Much of the dehydration risk of hot weather comes from all the water you lose to sweat. You won’t have to drink as much excess water, and you can enjoy your beverage of choice without so many adverse side effects.

Evaporative Coolers Use Less Power Than Your AC

You’ve probably observed that your air conditioner is one of the biggest energy hogs on your RV. An RV AC unit can draw up to 18 amps—double what your refrigerator uses. Nothing rivals it, unless you have a golf cart charger or a washer and dryer in your RV. If it’s your only cooling option, it might seem like a small price to pay to be comfortable. But there is another way.

An outdoor evaporative cooler can cool more space than a mid-sized RV AC unit at a fraction of the power cost. They might draw as little as 2.5 amps – one-seventh the power, which makes it easier on your electrical system – and very friendly for your generator.

Make Your RV the Most Popular Hangout

family enjoying a meal at their RV with an evaporative coolerRVing is a social activity, and it’s nice to hang out with the friends you see year after year in certain places. But it’s hard to hang out when the weather is hot and unpleasant. People want to escape the heat, and it doesn’t take many people to make it feel crowded inside your RV.

But an outdoor evaporative cooler can make it comfortable for everyone to gather at your RV. Some Portacool models can be felt up to 300 feet away, which means that you can have a big crowd at your RV, and everyone can feel comfortable.

Why Choose Portacool Evaporative Coolers

If you are looking for an evaporative cooler to pack in your RV, Portacool is the right choice.

We have been making evaporative coolers since 1990. In those 30 years, we’ve become recognized leaders in the industry. We now have distributors in all 50 states and in 54 countries around the world. But we still make all our evaporative coolers in the USA at our Center, Texas manufacturing facility. Not only that, but our evaporative coolers feature Kuul evaporative media, the only evaporative media that’s made in the USA and made from 100% USA-sourced materials.

We have earned our reputation in part thanks to our best in-in-class:

Even our customer service is staffed here in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about being transferred to an international call center. With our warranties and support, you’ll enjoy your Portacool for years of comfortable RVing.

Finding the Right Portacool for Your RV

At Portacool, we have a diverse and ever-changing line-up of evaporative coolers. That makes it easy to find the right Portacool for how you like to RV. Here are popular choices of evaporative coolers for RVs.

Cyclone 120

Huge in performance, this easy-to-operate evaporative cooler produces cool air wherever it is needed. With its compact size, the Portacool Cyclone™ 120 portable evaporative cooler is perfect for smaller settings, yet still delivers an impressive amount of air output. Additionally, the Cyclone 120 is equipped with Kuul Comfort™ evaporative media, the highest-quality evaporative media on the market made in the USA exclusively for Portacool products to provide maximum cooling comfort.

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Cyclone 130

The Portacool Cyclone™ 130 is ideal for cooling outdoor spaces such as patios, garages or hobby areas. The Cyclone 130 does more than just move hot, stale air around – it actually cools the air using the all-natural process of evaporation. Additionally, the Cyclone 130 is equipped with Kuul Comfort™ evaporative media, the highest-quality evaporative media on the market made in the USA exclusively for Portacool products to provide maximum cooling comfort.

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Jetstream 220

The efficiently designed Portacool Jetstream™ 220 boasts powerful cooling in a compact size. This portable evaporative cooler is perfect for tight spaces or for spot-cooling a challenging personal workspace. Big on portability, but small in size, you can roll the Jetstream 220 where needed and the oscillating louvers will help deliver cooling comfort throughout your bay, garage or shop.

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Jetstream 230

The Portacool Jetstream™ 230 delivers cooling comfort to the single-person workspace. It is an efficiently designed product that offers maximum versatility for usage in open or condensed workspaces. Featuring oscillating louvers, low-water shutoff and Kuul Comfort MicroTech™ evaporative media, this cooler is an impressive cooling solution for hard-to-cool industrial and automotive shop areas.

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Portacool 510

The newest accessory to beat the heat whether you are hard at work or play is the Portacool® 510. This compact, yet powerful evaporative cooler has a small footprint and can be moved anywhere you need cooling comfort. From patios, pets and hobby space to automotive bays, industrial settings and warehouses this evaporative cooler has you covered! Equipped with Kuul Control MicroTech™ evaporative media, oscillating louvers, water fill door, low-water shutoff and sturdy casters, the Portacool 510 is designed to provide maximum cooling comfort.

This product is currently only sold in the USA

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Make RVing Cooler with Portacool

If you are ready to enjoy more time outside your RV with friends, family, or just the stars, it’s time to add Portacool to your RV accessory list. Visit an online or in-person retailer now or contact us with questions.

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