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Sports and Outdoors

Is Your School Taking Steps to Prevent Playground Heatstroke?

Schools are gradually returning to in-person learning thanks to the vaccination process. This is great news for children who will once again benefit from face-to-face contact with their teachers and interactions with their friends. We’re also entering the warm weather months, and the need to maintain safe social distancing practices will likely lead many schools…

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Athletes in the Heat

Keeping Your Athletes Safe in the Summer Heat Whether you were born in a state that experiences extreme heat or you’ve recently moved, you likely know that high temperatures can be uncomfortable at best – and deadly at worst. This is particularly true for athletes who may be practicing and playing outdoor sports in the…

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10 Signs that Your Child is Overheating During Sports

Getting your child involved in sports can be great for their health and happiness. Not only do they have the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships and achieve success doing something they enjoy, but they can also get the exercise they need to stay fit. However, sports can also be dangerous for your child. The high…

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