Portacool Jetstream Series Overview


As the leader in evaporative cooling technology, Portacool has been manufacturing portable evaporative coolers for 30 years. Continuing in the pattern of innovation, Portacool designed the Jetstream series of evaporative coolers to answer the need for cooling relief in a variety of challenging spaces and environments.

The Portacool Jetstream series includes the Portacool Jetstream 220, Portacool Jetstream 230, Portacool Jetstream 240, Portacool Jetstream 250, Portacool Jetstream 260 and Portacool Jetstream 270. The products range in size from 3.5 feet tall to just over 7 feet tall and cool anywhere from 700 to 5,625 square feet.

These portable evaporative coolers have proven highly effective in unlimited settings ranging from automotive, government and military, manufacturing, sports and fitness, recreation and events, warehouse, and industrial. The products can be used to spot cool near heat-generating machinery or personal workstations or to maximize airflow and provide comfort in large spaces. It is ideal anywhere cooling is needed, and traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost-prohibitive.

The Jetstream series has provided cooling for Steve Darnell at Welder Up, to the sidelines of Apogee Stadium at The University of North Texas, to the bays at College Station Fleet Services, to gyms like Deep Ellum CrossFit. A range of sizes have been utilized in manufacturing and industrial environments, including Portacool’s very own plant, to provide cooling comfort to tight spaces and large open areas alike.

Each portable evaporative cooler in the Jetstream series runs on a standard 115v plug and has variable speed options to tailor the airflow to the environment. The Liquid Level Indicator (LLI) and intuitive control panel make operation easy. The dual water-fill option and heavy-duty casters make each cooler mobile-friendly, rolling where you need cooling the most. The Jetstream series packs an impressive cooling punch by combining an impressive airflow with Kuul Comfort™ evaporative media, the highest-quality evaporative media on the market made in the USA exclusively for Portacool products. The Jetstream 220 and Jetstream 230 are equipped with Kuul Comfort MicroTech™ and feature oscillating louvers to direct airflow where you need it.

Like all Portacool portable evaporative coolers, the Jetstream series is made in the USA with domestic and global parts. Jetstream portable evaporative coolers are backed by Portacool Protect – a program that includes a three-year warranty on the motor and electrical components, a lifetime warranty on all molded housings, best-in-class technical support, and live customer service to provide customers with an ownership experience that is second to none.

The Portacool Jetstream series helps maintain comfort with powerful cooling to keep workers safe and productive when it counts. If you want to learn more about which Portacool Jetstream portable evaporative cooler may be best for you, compare the products by visiting our website.