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Entertaining & Parties Made Cool With An Evaporative Cooler

Not only is the three-day holiday weekend approaching for Memorial Day, for many, it’s celebration time for families with graduates embarking on their exit from high school or college. Often the gathering venue is the home backyard or patio for celebrating their graduate’s achievements. Look no further than social media (like Pinterest) or online sites…

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What are the differences between an air conditioner and evaporative cooler?

The advantages of various cooling systems and their application have long been the debate of HVAC professionals. Today, however, with sky-rocketing utility costs, dwindling energy resources, and environmental concerns, alternatives to traditional cooling have come to the forefront of the industry. While many of us might not work in conditions where air conditioning is impractical,…

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What is Evaporative Cooling?

Today, many people are familiar with traditional cooling methods ranging from air conditioning to fans to prevent heat stress, increase productivity, and provide an overall more comfortable environment whether at work or play. Air conditioning works in closed spaces where the recirculated cool air can be maximized with the use of refrigerants and a compressor.…

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What Sets Evaporative Cooling Apart from Other Cooling Methods?

This week, as the heat keeps the Southwest and Southern Plain in 100+ degree conditions, cooling solutions will be particularly needed. Since 1990, Portacool has provided practical, effective cooling solutions for areas that typically could not be cooled by air conditioning. Unlike an air conditioner, evaporative cooling works with the ambient air and water to provide cooling. …

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The official start of summer 2018

As of Thursday, June 21 – we are in the official summer months! That means the heat is on! We are often asked, “What sets your evaporative cooling products apart from other cooling methods?” We are happy to dive into this subject and talk about our differentiation. Since 1990, Portacool has provided practical, effective cooling solutions for…

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How Humidity Effects Evaporative Cooling

Throughout the years, we’ve often heard the refrain that evaporative coolers will not work in humidity or in various areas of the world because of humidity levels. There is without a doubt a pervasive perception that evaporative coolers will not work in humid climates. While we agree that evaporative coolers achieve significant temperature drops in more…

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Tips to Avoid Heat Stress This Summer

At Portacool, we often focus on industrial cooling and heat safety relative to work environments. We also think enjoying fun in the sun is one of the great pastimes of summer when you are at home though. Just as it is important to protect yourself from the sun and hot weather while you are working…

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